Rental Requirements

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Renters MUST be minimum 18 years of age and possess/provide a VALID Drivers License to operate our scooters. Passengers MUST be at least 10 years of age.

All Renters will be provided a State Required Comprehensive Operating Insurance Policy for your touring. The insurance will be valid for your entire rental period and is included in your hourly rate.

Renters will also be required to provide a major credit card at the time of rental as a security deposit on the equipment and gear.

Cancellation Policy: Once booked online, there is NO REFUND, unless severe weather takes place, then a reschedule would be in order. To reserve, a credit card is required at time of booking, either by phone or online. 

Renters are responsible for the safe return of all rental equipment and gear, and will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability upon rental of the scooter. Persons between ages 10 and above must also have a Signed Waiver as passengers of the Prime Renter, signed by a Parent or Guardian if under age 18. 

Impaired Driving - No drug or alcohol consumption before or during the operation of any scooter.  Renters are required to abide by all Colorado driving laws, exactly as though driving any other motor vehicle. Parking laws apply, and scooter renters shall be required to pay any parking meter fees. Fines received for non-compliance of meter fees will be the responsibility of the renter. 

Weight restrictions apply. These are Low Power 50cc Scooters registered in the State of Colorado and weight limits are established by the scooter manufacturer.  

No cell phones may be used while operating a scooter. Colorado Law applies to hands free cell phone use. Google Maps from personal cell phones may be used for convenience of way finding.

Scooter Rentals are to be used only in the 3 designated areas shown on our map. No highway travel is allowed (Including Highway 24), and each scooter is to remain within the rental jurisdiction for the entire rental period. A map will be provided delineating restricted travel areas. 

Locks are provided for parking and safe keeping of each scooter. 

Helmets are DOT approved gear and meet requirements of the State of Colorado Department of Transportation for road travel. 

Gloves, reflective / high visibility safety vests and safety glasses are provided as well. 

Maximum Two Persons Per Scooter for Safety.